Monday, March 7, 2011

How I Became "Warmenuf"

     It was late in the year, 1999. We had just moved next-door, from 919 Spring Garden St in Greensboro, NC, to 921 (one of our easier moves!) I also got online for the first time, trying several options, AOL (which sucked then almost as much as it does now), BellSouth (also sucked), NetZero, and finally came to my senses and got RoadRunner from Time Warner Cable. 

     One of the first things I searched for (pre-Google, I'm pretty sure) was for sites that offered discussions among life models, one of the preferred names for those of us who take off our clothes and hold still. What I found was Delphi Forums, where the predecessor to this blog resided. As I began the registration process, after finding "Figure Drawing Group," I felt I needed a screen name, and not just for the registration process. I wanted a name that really fit. Suddenly I thought of all the times I had been asked, in a drafty studio "Are you warm enough?" which was usually followed by the offer of a heater. Since I had usually answered "Yes" to the question, I realized that "Warm Enough" in some form MUST be my name already! I elected for an odd spelling, and the rest is history. I have been "Warmenuf" for over 10 years now, even though I do get chilly from time to time in spite of the name.

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